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Navy News

Christmas Port Support

Pirate Claus!

Christmas is the time for pirates to distribute their pillage throughout the community. The Royal Runnamok Navy collected $500 in clothes, toys and dollars for the Phoenix Rescue Mission.
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New RRN 2002 Tour Pictures!

New RRN 2002 Pictures!

The Royal Runnamok Navy has posted the infamous photos from their 2002 Free of Bilboes Tour in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. See the boys in action as they take on bars, broads, and beers without even breaking a sweat!
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New RRN Site Design!

New RRN Site Design

The Royal Runnamok Navy is proud to announce the release of the version 2 site (RRNv.2.0). After much flogging and grog-induced creativeness the famed RRN Web Wench redesigned the site to better promote the Navy's interests (Goods, Tours and Thongs). Check out the before and after shots!
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Port Support

Chedeski-Rodeo Fire Relief

The Royal Runnamok Navy recently made a donation to the Salvation Army Chedeski-Rodeo Fire Relief fund.
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Official Royal Runnamok Navy Innkeepers

Lomalagi Resort

The Royal Runnamok Navy has named the Lomalagi Resort in Fiji it's official home-away-from-home.
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