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Join Our Band of Brothers

You are invited to join a select fellowship:

The Royal Runnamok Navy.

The Navy offers a Members Only portion of the website established for the exclusive enjoyment of members of the Royal Runnamok Navy. Only Royal Runnamok Navy members may view it.

Who are we?

A league of loyal members united in our appreciation for the finer things in life as embodied in the nickname, "Pirates of Fun". For us, fun is the main focus of our membership. It is the emblem of our organization and one of those things which gets better the longer you are enlisted in the company of our Band of Brothers.

Are you one of us?

If so, we invite you to join our Navy.

Membership Benefits:

  • Fellowship: The exclusive members only portion of our website is your connection with those around the corner and around the country who share your love of fun and frivolity. The information, news and entertainment it imparts is exclusively for members and can be accessed only through your personal password.

  • Member Gifts: As a member you will receive -
    • A quality golf shirt (colors available: black or white / sizes available: M, L, XL and XXL) also sporting our logo.
    • A handsome RRN tour pin embossed with the Royal Runnamok Navy logo.
    • A striking membership certificate with your unique membership name.

  • Merchandise: Enticing items exclusively for you, the Royal Runnamok Navy member.

  • Travel: Private tours to Mexico, chartered exclusively for Royal Runnamok Navy members. Travel with other members who share your passion for fun.

Membership Requirements:

  1. A high appreciation for FUN.

If you have come this far, chances are you fulfill the first requirement of membership. You have indicated a sincere interest in and dedication to the history of the most famous band of brothers, The Royal Runnamok Navy.

To enter into consideration for Naval acceptance please provide some information below and our Officers will get back to you before the tide turns.

First Name:
Last Name:

Your comments:

By submiting this request I authorize a representative from The Royal Runnamok Navy to contact me with additional information.

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