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The Life and Times Of The Royal Runnamok Navy

This interpretation of British Naval Documents, ships logs and various written communiqués is hereby presented for your reading pleasure and education thereof. Official documents were utilized to render a note of truth rather than putting pen to parchment and recalling tales brought about by the usual drink of rum.

A Tradition is born

In the Year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Seven, Commodore Bligh and Captains Blackwood and Berry as a result of much grand employment and gold received, were thrown together in merriment during an all boy's weekend trip to one Lake Roosevelt, in the territory known as Arizona.

Captain Berry, being the strategic planner that he is, with a grant from the Lord Admiral, purchased a ship for the general purpose of bringing much fun and frivolity to said officers and to the waterfront attendees. It was an immediate success and fun was had by all.

Not long after the launching of the Captain Berry vessel, Commodore Bligh and Captain Blackwood felt that a larger ship was required to take the Royal Runnamok Navy to a higher degree of seafaring expertise. It was with the purchase of the great ship "Malpractice" that the RRN began to be known to certain Officers and Seamen as the ship of fun and to others, the ship of fear.

Admiral Nelson's Band of Brothers

As the readers of this RRN history can now perceive, Commodore Bligh and his Senior Officers established the RRN ranks and ships of the line as a continuation of the British Navy's Admiral Nelson and his Band of Brothers. Admiral Nelson and his famous Band of Brothers fought and won the greatest sea battles in the years 1795-1814. With this history as fact, the Officers and Seamen of the Wooden Walls have assumed the names and fighting ships of this famous group of British Navy Officers. We raise our tankards to thee.

The Evolution of the RRN

RRN Forefathers RRN Present Day

As our forefathers have done through the years (see LEFT) the Royal Runnamok Navy continues the tradition (see RIGHT) of securing enemy waters prior to a major battle tour. Left to Right "Lt. Cochrane" "Master Bates" "Plebe Blivet"

During the early years of the RRN, many voyages were undertaken and battles fought. The great ship "Malpractice" hoisted sails, traveled from ocean to ocean and proceeded to establish the RRN's rightful place in history. With annual naval exercises conducted in the Sea of Cortez and the inland waterways of the United States, the RRN began to ensconce itself in maritime lore as a Navy destined to impart goodwill to ports o' call world-wide.

With the advent of the Annual RRN Tours of Battle and worldwide acknowledgement of the RRN's accomplishments, the inevitable soon happened. From the Four Corners of the earth and the known seven seas, officers and seamen alike clamored to become a part of this new adventure. The expansion of the RRN was soon a reality.

Many of the annual RRN Tours of Battle included the "wannabe" lily-livered types that failed to remain true to the standards which were evolving at that time and simply attempted to gain entry for selfish reasons. Their input to the RRN was mere barrel scrapings and never recognized by the Admiralty as accomplishments worth documenting. With this, the Commodore and Senior Staff put forth an order that all new inductees shall be sponsored by a Captain of the RRN and that the inductee would be required to show his loyalty, resourcefulness and seafaring abilities during Annual RRN Tours of Battle prior to being accepted as active personnel into the RRN.

The Pirates of Fun

As with any well meaning, patriotic and civic minded organization, the Royal Runnamok Navy has prided itself on being involved in humanitarian causes. Always the givers, Officers and Seamen alike join with the community to work for such great causes as Habitat for Humanity, Muscular Dystrophy, homes for unwed mothers and the such.

But our greatest pride comes from the work that we do while in various ports-o-call. While in foreign countries, RRN personnel strive to impart to the citizenry a feeling of the friendship, generosity and selfless devotion. These are the traits demonstrated by the gallant but humble personnel of the Royal Runnamok Navy.

While in port, the Officers and Seamen rejoice in their newfound victory and embrace the local citizenry with friendship and gifts of bobbles, beads and the occasional delicacy that was plundered during an encounter with an enemy ship. And at late evening, the Officers and Seamen of this great Navy will keep the wine flowing, the laughter loud and hearty and leave the townspeople knowing that we are friends to all.

So, when you see the Fleet of the Royal Runnamok Navy drop anchor in your harbor, remember the history that was spoken aforetime. The Officers and Seaman will be shown as gentlemen all, but when the ships weigh anchor and head for the open seas, you will always remember us as "The Pirates of Fun!".

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