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RRN Rogue's Gallery

2001 Brawl of the Wild!

The RRN declares war...

2001 Brawl of the WildTo all Officers, Seamen and Plebes of the Royal Runnamok Navy. It is hereby sanctioned that the Pirates of Fun division has been called to duty. Not since The infamous Gala Event, promotions and inductions ceremony this past summer has this division been called to render their services.

It will be noted that all available crew be positioned and ready for grog and hollar at 12 hundred hours on the seventeenth day of the eleventh month of the year two thousand and one. Our initiative is to destroy any possible favorances toward the enemy, being which is; a peg-legged running field team with little air power. These favorances I speak of could possibly come from seamen, and ladies of a foreign nature. Our game plan will be to defect any positive overtures by said foreigners if they accidentally are warranted. These overtures may be fired possibly by an act of direct hits to the scoreboard by the foreign country of Bozeman and the Bobcat Brigade. It will be tactics we use of a strange nature to battle these overtures. Upon a foreign cheer of accomplishment we shall man our tankards, lift them high, look the enemy directly in the eye, while blocking their viewing area and let out the famous Missoula, MT cry "Grizzlies Eat Pussy!!".

When our strength overruns into enemy territory and score a direct hit to the scoreboard we shall stand again look the enemy in the eye,but let them view the damage this time and let out the famous RRN cry "What have we done to piss you off this time baaaby" It shall be a simple battle if we show our strength as we are known to do. To brief you with specifics on whom and what we are dealing with I have attached a profile for your viewing. It will do me proud to stand beside me brothers and defend our Web Wench's honor.

The Crew, the Web Wench and the Serving Wench enjoy a photo opportunity while watching the Grizzlies stomp the Cats.

Poooooooooor Bobcats!!!
The Web Wench informs Captain Hood that the Grizzlies 'eat self-important smaller carnivores such as the Bob-kitties.
The Serving Wench demonstrates one of the skills learned during attendence at NAU. 'Never spill a drop, that's considered alcohol abuse'.

Hood and Hardy inquire of the Serving Wench, "Is it us, or is there a Grizzly behind us...."?

The University of Montana Grizzlies handily beat the Montana State Bobcats 38 - 27. The Grizzlies left at half-time and left behind the water boy and field judge to play in their stead. Sadly, the Bobcats were still unable to score.

The Royal Runnamok Navy will be attending the annual Bobcat/Griz festivities on November 23, 2002. Check the RRN Events Calendar for details!


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