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RRN Pillaged Goods

2002 Brawl of the Wild Tees!

2002 Brawl of the Wild So ye like our goods aye? Well there be a few things ye should know before ye continue on with scavenging our treasures. The Navy is currently not set up yet to accept yer Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner's Club, Costco Card, or other forms of currency. We prefer cash, and if ye have none of that then we may consider takin' yer check or money order. So fill out our form below, tell us what ye like and we'll have our Captain get back to ye as soon as he's in from port!

 Grizzly Tee Order Form Below

Front Design Front Design
Back Design Back Design

First Name:
Last Name:
Address (2):
Zip Code:
Brawl of the Wild Tee
Size: Quantity:
Size: Quantity:
Size: Quantity:
Price: $15 per shirt plus S & H
Currently the Navy is set up on a simple order form where our friends and admirers can purchase our goods. If ye are wantin' to buy in bulk, or multiples of the same item, or a color for everyday of the week please tell us below so we can process yer order as efficiently as possible. If ye buy enough of our treasure then we will be graduating up to a bigger and better system...we may even consider yer Costco card...Aarrrgh!
Comments to the Captain:
I understand by clicking the send button below I am giving permission to have a representative of the Royal Runnamok Navy contact me regarding my order.
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