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Royal Runnamok Navy Crew

Thomas Masterman Hardy

Flagship: The Victory

Fleet Admiral of the Blue


I have been loyal to the RRN since I was "pressed" into service in 1989 by none other than Bligh (God rest his soul) and Berry themselves. A very resourceful person, I have been most active in the planning of our trips, procuring accommodations for the fleet and formulating many of the campaign monikers. Always willing to engage action while in port, my pockets are usually full of trinkets to appease the natives. At ease whether cruising with the fleet or cutting through the lines solo so that the fleet may easily enter the foray. I am always ready to share a pint with friends at sea or in port. My favorite armaments are glows and beads. Guess you should have been in Cabo to understand that!

"Party with Hardy"

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