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Royal Runnamok Navy Crew

Captain Foley

Flagship: The Goliath


CAPTAIN FOLEYI was born at sea somewhere between Portsmouth and Botany Bay. My mother, so I am told, was a high born lady who had the misfortune to run afoul the authorities when the local Bishop was done in under mysterious and suspicious circumstances during the occasion of the Duke's birthday celebration. There is some considerable speculation regarding paternity with mention being made of the Duke, the Bishop, or the Lady's own husband the Earl of Something-or-Other, who was away at his estates in the West Indies at the time of the Bishop's unfortunate demise - the Lady would never say, just smile.

Upon reaching our destination my mother surprised one and all by showing a considerable head for business when she established an evening entertainment enterprise. Business was good, we were prosperous, and my early years passed happily and quickly.

When I was grown up (age 13 or so) I was giving consideration to entering the medical profession having had considerable education in anatomy at the hands of my mother's business associates. As fate would have it at that time, I was introduced one stormy night to a naval officer by the name of Bligh. I was enthralled by his stories of exotic ports of call, harrowing adventures on the high seas, hard fought battles, and treasure - yes, treasure! That very night I stuffed whatever personal possessions would fit into a gunnysack purloined from the kitchen, and leaving a note for my mother (I hate long goodbyes) slipped out the upstairs window to join Captain Bligh. And that, my friends is how I became Captain Foley, Royal Runnamok Navy, in command of the "Goliath".

Captain Foley

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