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Royal Runnamok Navy Crew

Flagship: The Culloden


LORD ADMIRAL BLACKWOODAhoy matey! It is a great pleasure to have you aboard the Royal Runnamok Navy web site. As you can see, the navy is made up of some rather diverse characters, all of whom are grand gentlemen. Our web site is built around the history of the RRN and the dedicated Officers, Seamen and Plebes thereof.

Now, a little information on me self.

Yes, I'm the Lord Admiral of the Royal Runnamok Navy and a co-founder of this grand organization.

In the Year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred Ninety Eight, our great leader and friend, Commodore Bligh, was taken from us in a rather untimely fashion. During the grand wake given for our illustrious leader, the RRN Senior Staff held a conference to bring forth a new commanding officer and I was chosen to lead the gallant men of the RRN from that day forth.

As the leader of this grand navy, my responsibilities are many and the planning of next years Tour of Battle is one that takes an enormous amount of time, energy and rum. Each year a lucky port-o-call gets our attention and we makes our battle plans accordingly. The RRN always strives to include the township in our revelry, with gifts of baubles, beads and trinkets of all sizes and shapes. Our goal is to win their hearts and their minds with pillage and plunder to follow.

For many a year the RRN has prided itself on individual participation, community involvement and being givers on a grand scale. In the coming years, the Royal Runnamok Navy intends to continue that involvement and strengthen the bonds of charity towards all.

So, I extend a hand to any and all men that feel that they have the mettle to be a part of the greatest navy of all time. But remember, being a member of this navy is not an easy one and is ever so demanding of loyalty and courage. Those who think they can slither onto a fighting ship of line and not be discovered as a non- participant, is doomed to a dreary fate. For, in the past we have cut from the ranks those scoundrels that plot against us and the waves of the seven seas are strewn with the remains of those who would not stand to the rail.

For the Officers and Seamen of the Wooden Walls, and from yours truly, welcome aboard and enjoy your stay.

Yours in Battle,

Lord Admiral Blackwood

Flagship HMS Culloden

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