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Royal Runnamok Navy Crew

Vice Admiral Berry

Flagship: The Vanguard


VICE ADMIRAL BERRYAs a founding member of the Royal Runnamok Navy, Berry has lead RRN activities in many ports for over fifteen years. As Fleet Admiral commanding the feared Desert Fleet, Berry's duties include the mostly ceremonious duty of ensuring all vices demonstrated in battle enhance the reputation of the RRN. He is also responsible for administering the secret plebe induction ceremony and acts as an advisor to Lord Admiral Blackwood.

In 1987 Berry won the admiration of his first commander, the late Admiral Bligh, when in a gale force wind and lighting storm struck the fleet without warning (OK, a little warning). At great peril to his own ship and crew, he tied off Bligh's crippled command ship and towed it into safe harbor, just ahead of the heart of the typhoon.

Two years hence, while conducting a night-time raid, another freakish storm blew in from the south causing Berry to have to lead his ship right into the teeth of the storm to reach safe harbor. Despite no visibility, a rocky shoreline, and dangerous reefs, Berry got his ship and men back to port safely with Blackwood marking the way with the now famous "swinging lantern" maneuver.

A creative and daring commander, Berry lead the legendary daylight wave runner raid on the port of Cabo San Lucas in 2000. Though the raid was a stunning victory thanks to the tenacity of his captains, Berry lost his leg in the battle and had to have it reattached by the ships' surgeon. Having little memory left after so many battles, and having suffered so many wounds over the years, Berry has been given the grand and honored rank of Vice Admiral. A position enhanced by his complete lack of recollection.

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