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Royal Runnamok Navy Crew

Master Bates

Plebe Counselor and Entertainment Officer


MASTER BATESOh, where to begin. I was pressed to service by Lieutenant Cochrane in the month of February 2001 and sent into active duty on April 19, 2001 in the territory of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. As the Plebe Blivet of the Royal Runnamok Navy my duties were many and the hours long.

My duties during the Tour of Battle, also known as the "Barmaids and Broadsides Tour", were to take care of the officers and seamen with constant supply of grog, check on live bodies in the AM and administer elixirs of life in the form of Bloody Marys and to prime the officers innards with Margaritas in preparation for the planned evening battles.

During the daylight hours, I was educated in the ways of the RRN by my sponsor, Captain Hood and spent many hours preparing for my formal induction into the RRN.

On the third day in Port-O-Cabo and as the sun eerily set behind Mount Pedregal, the Officers and Seamen of the Royal Runnamok Navy gathered me to a secret alcove and began the induction process. The induction was grueling and the hours dragged on. I could hardly wait for the ceremonies to be over for I felt my knees begin to buckle and my mind was reeling from the constant barrage of questions. The floggings were too numerous to count and the grog used for the induction process was something I care not to imbibe ever again. After the third hour of my torturous induction, I was beginning to wonder "Do I stand a chance of becoming a member of this grand navy? Worst yet, am I worthy?" Well, to answer that question, I completed the requirements of Plebe Blivet and was promoted to the rank of Master Bates on the eve of July 28th, 2001:a respected and revered position in the RRN.

Yes, the induction into the RRN was as barbaric as any you can imagine, but I am again able to walk without a limp and the scars have almost healed. The warm memories of my first sea battle will always be with me as will the honor of wearing the red weapon into enemy territory. With the hoisting of the RRN Battle Flag in Cabo Wabo and rejoicing in victory with my fellow seamen and officers, I found the true meaning of what it means to be a part of the Band of Brothers and a proud member of the "Pirates of Fun"!

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